The City of Waukegan was once a place where people came to seek opportunity. Where people worked hard, produced ideas and innovations, and raised families who enjoyed a better quality of life than the places from which they came.

During the last several decades, as outsourcing and corporate greed took their toll, that sense of opportunity began to disappear. And our willingness to move forward with courageous, bold ideas went with it. Waukegan’s nickname, “City of Progress” went from a declaration to a punchline.

Yet, today Waukegan is a wonderfully diverse city. A new generation of young families are bringing their own experiences and stories into the melting pot of our community. We believe that  this is one of our greatest assets – our people. We seek to do right by all Waukegan residents and restore the promise of our great city.

Our goal is to fight back against the forces that have blocked Waukegan’s progress, and engage the public once more in shaping a future that we can believe in. That means fighting back against corporate greed, environmental degradation, and political corruption that has harmed so many families for the sole benefit of commercial leaders, as well as in our own City Hall.

Join us in working to build a future of prosperity and hope from the ashes of despair.







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