Following are the answers to the questionnaire provided to candidates for the Waukegan City Clerk position. You can learn more about the functions of the City Clerk here.

Janet Kilkelly

The city clerk’s profession is one of the oldest in local government, and most may not fully understand its importance as a stand-alone position. The clerk’s role is to ensure proper process and open, transparent government, clerks typically work behind the scenes. In a municipality where the mayor, city council, city clerk, and city attorney understand and respect each other’s roles and share in the obligation to maintain this balance, successful public service is achieved.

Current member of: IIMC (International Institute of Municipal Clerks), MCLC (Municipal Clerks of Lake County) and IML (Illinois Municipal League)
Relative education acquired since being sworn in on May 1, 2017:
RMC – Registered Municipal Clerk, September 2019
CMC – Certified Municipal Clerk, December 2019
MMC – Master Municipal Clerk, IIMC degree candidate

The Clerk is an Administrator for the local community with specific duties, it is not a legislative position where one enacts laws. The city clerk plays an important role in service to the mayor, the city council, and all city administrative departments. The city clerk serves as the liaison between the city council and the public. One of the primary duties is managing city council meetings from start, to finish. In addition to getting everything ready for the council meeting, the city clerk prepares the meeting agenda and sends it out to the participants inquiring of additions, deletions, or changes. The city clerk is also responsible for taking roll call during meetings, plus taking meeting minutes. After the meeting, the city clerk records and edits the meeting minutes, and then gets them approved before distributing the final copies.

What makes me the most qualified is that I bring to the position over 40 years of work experiences emanating from my involvement in small business, fortune 500 business, education and non-profits. My customer service focus allows me to be the most responsive in meeting the needs of this office to our community and vice versa.

Continue to ensure that the public has access to public records by managing and executing completed FOIA’s. This requires being able to communicate effectively with management, city officials and staff within the specific timeframe mandated. We assist anyone who physically walks in to our office for a FOIA or who completes their request on-line.

In addition, the city clerk coordinates municipal elections. I am the first in Waukegan to put the election petition on-line, along with accompanying reference materials. Plus, the city clerk administers oaths of office and maintains custody of the city’s official seal. Last, but not least, I am the liquor administrator for the city, and have initiated access to that information by the public via our City website, ensuring transparency in our operations.

Maria LaCour

With a City Administrator, the City Clerk should no longer be an elected position but report to the City Administrator. Without a City Administrator, it is best to have the clerk’s office independent.

I am an Independent, not tied to any special interests. I will ensure all residents are treated fairly, equally and respectively.

I helped implement BoardDocs in March 2017, a paperless system simplifying access to our records. I will continue to implement such systems. Our website and agendas are currently in English only. Basic services like city stickers and agenda’s need to also be in Spanish. These improvements will help us improve the efficiency of the clerk’s office. We must remember many citizens do not regularly use computers and the internet, so in-person services are still needed.

  • I am a member.
  • I served as Deputy Clerk from 1998-2013 and City Clerk from 2014-2017
  • Registered Municipal Clerk Certificate
  • Municipal Clerk Certificate
  • Pursuing a Master Municipal Clerk Certificate

The FOIA process has been largely outsourced and many requests are returned for being overburdensome, extending the 14-day time limit. Information is not provided to help in restructuring the request to make it less burdensome. This results in numerous iterations. This process can be streamlined by bringing most of these activities in house.

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